Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer Recipes


Mint Flamingo

Mint Flamingo

It's a bird! It's a cocktail! Technically it's a mocktail, but a light splash of gin would go well in this long-legged cooler.

Did you know the flamingo gets its color from the carotenoid pigments in the critters it eats? This beautiful drink gets its color from a slightly more sophisticated source: The classically floral Peychaud’s Bitters, available wherever fine bitters are sold. 

As always, fresh-squeezed juices will make a huge difference in the quality of the finished product. Try it with Meyer lemon.


1 oz. Eli Mason Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer

.5 oz. Fresh Grapefruit Juice

.5 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

Dash of Peychaud's Bitters

Club Soda

Combine the first four ingredients over ice and shake. Strain into a highball glass with plenty of ice and top with club soda. 

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Mint Sweet Tea

Mint Sweet Tea

Maybe it's a Southern thing. Maybe we have a sweet tooth. But when it's hot out, nothing picks you up or cools you down like a tall, sweating glass of sweet tea. It's notoriously easy to make - just add sugar to freshly brewed black tea and cool it down with so much ice.

When you're really ready to show off for a guest, break out the Eli Mason's Mint Julep cocktail mixer and add a touch of refreshing mint to their glass.

Our Mint Julep mixer is made with handfuls of fresh mint, which we wash, chop, and then steep to release the plant's full earthy flavor and aroma. Our mint sweet tea is sweet (natch) but balanced, minty but refreshingly subtle. 

We think you'll love it. And the recipe couldn't be easier.


5 parts unsweet tea

1 part Eli Mason Mint Julep cocktail mixer

Stir together over ice and sip slowly.

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Minted Melon Fruit Salad

Minted Melon Fruit Salad

If you thought Eli Mason Cocktail Mixers were only for cocktails, you'd be mistaken. Yes, we know we call them "cocktail mixers," but they're great for all kinds of recipes. 

We make our Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer with bundles of fresh, fragrant mint. We steep it slowly to capture the bright flavors of the mint in each bottle. 

Those flavors are perfectly-paired with all kinds of fresh fruit, especially ripe summertime melons.

You can use any melon you wish with this recipe, though we love the combination of the 'holy trinity' of summer melons - watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew.


6 cups Fresh Melon Pieces

1/4 cup Eli Mason Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer

Fresh Mint Leaves for Garnish

In a bowl, add your cut melon pieces. Pour the Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer over melon and toss to combine. Sprinkle with fresh mint and serve. 

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Bittermint Bourbon

Bittermin Cocktail

Eli Mason can't be the only fella that likes a little dimension to his cocktails. Sometimes you need more than just the basic sweet or sour flavors in a cocktail. 

That where bitter comes in. It's one of the most common flavor elements in classic cocktails and adds unbelievable dimension and complexity to bourbon, whiskey and gin drinks. 

For this cocktail, we're bringing in some bitter with Fernet Branca. Simply called "Fernet" (and pronounced fur-NET) by your local hipster, it's a complex aperitif bitter with ingredients ranging from cinnamon and chamomile to myrrh and bitter orange. Its formula is one of the world's best kept secrets. So tightly kept, in fact, that since its origin, even those who collect the spices do not know the exact quantities needed. Regardless of the secret, the taste is pungent and intense with a minty finish.

When paired with our Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer, the flavors of Fernet and bourbon are not only enhanced, but also melded, thanks in part to the addition of the gomme syrup and fresh mint in our Mint Julep mixer. 


2 oz. Bourbon 

.5 oz. Eli Mason Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer

.25 oz. Fernet Branca

Sprig of Fresh Mint for Garnish

Fill an old fashioned glass with ice and water to chill. Meanwhile, add a three whole ice cubes and a couple cracked cubes to a cocktail mixing glass. The extra surface area of the cracked ice will further mellow the flavors of the drink. Add all ingredients (except the fresh mint) to the mixing glass and stir 15-20 seconds to chill. Discard ice and water from old fashioned glass, add one large cube and strain cocktail into glass. Garnish with fresh mint and serve.

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Minted Mule

Minted Mule

Looking for an easy drink to make for a large group on a warm afternoon? Eli Mason’s Minted Mule is a crowd-pleaser for all palates.

Our Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer helps provide a fresh twist on the traditional recipe, so give it a spin and share it in good company (note: company not included but we'll come sip one of these with you any day of the year).


2 oz. Vodka

.75 oz. Eli Mason Mint Julep Mixer

6 oz. Ginger Beer

Combine first two ingredients over ice and top with a dry ginger beer. Quick stir and garnish with fresh mint and a lime wedge.

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