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Gin Garden Cocktail

Garden Gin Cocktail

We like to think of building a perfect cocktail as if you were a chef preparing a meal - bringing together layers of flavor to make it just right.

Cocktail bitters are often referred to as the "salt and pepper" of cocktails, adding dimension and flavor to spirit-forward drinks. But bitters are not the only option when it comes to 'seasoning' your cocktail. This Gin Garden Cocktail utilizes three other flavor enhancers, fresh mint, rose water and lime.

It also includes another exceptional element, Chartreuse. Made by French Carthusian Monks since the late 1730's, Chartreuse imparts bright herbal and floral notes to cocktails. Available in both a "yellow" and "green" variety, the yellow offers a softer palate and is what we used in this cocktail. 

But just like a chef perfecting a dish, this cocktail needs that final element that brings it all together. And that's what Eli Mason Gomme Syrup is for. It adds sweetness and a velvet-smooth mouthfeel that cuts down the sharp boozy edge of spirits to allow all the flavors to shine through.


1.5 oz. Gin

1 oz. Dry Vermouth

.5 oz. Fresh-Squeezed Lime Juice

.5 oz. Yellow Chartreuse

.5 oz. Eli Mason Gomme Syrup

.25 oz. Rose Water 

1 Dash of Lemon Bitters

Fresh Mint

Muddle 6-8 leaves of fresh mint in the bottom of your cocktail mixing glass. Fill with ice and add remaining ingredients. Stir to chill before straining into a glass with ice. Garnish with fresh mint.