Gomme Syrup Recipes

The Uragh Stone

Uragh Stone

The color of this drink is nearly as mysterious as the origins of the ancient circle of stones that inspired its name. 

The Uragh Stone Circle was constructed in Ireland during the Neolithic Age, which was way before mankind had discovered alcohol. So don't go blaming their whiskey for the idea to stand up a few giant stones in a field.

It's a remarkable drink with a ghostly color that glows under the light. Like a pristine Irish lake (or lough) in a glass.



1.5 oz. Gin

0.75 oz. Green Chartreuse 

0.75 oz. Dry Vermouth

0.5 oz. Eli Mason Gomme Syrup

1 pinch of Kosher Salt

Stir the ingredients above on ice until very cold. Strain into your most ornate glass and garnish with lime peel.