Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer Recipes

Mint Sweet Tea

Mint Sweet Tea

Maybe it's a Southern thing. Maybe we have a sweet tooth. But when it's hot out, nothing picks you up or cools you down like a tall, sweating glass of sweet tea. It's notoriously easy to make - just add sugar to freshly brewed black tea and cool it down with so much ice.

When you're really ready to show off for a guest, break out the Eli Mason's Mint Julep cocktail mixer and add a touch of refreshing mint to their glass.

Our Mint Julep mixer is made with handfuls of fresh mint, which we wash, chop, and then steep to release the plant's full earthy flavor and aroma. Our mint sweet tea is sweet (natch) but balanced, minty but refreshingly subtle. 

We think you'll love it. And the recipe couldn't be easier.


5 parts unsweet tea

1 part Eli Mason Mint Julep cocktail mixer

Stir together over ice and sip slowly.