Tips For Dealing With COVID-19

We here at Eli Mason are taking COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, seriously, but we're also trying to keep a positive outlook and not give in to fear and mass hysteria and a "the sky is falling" mentality. In that spirit, here are our top three tips for getting through this global pandemic (fancy words):

1) Wash your hands. When in doubt, just wash your hands. Handling cash? Wash your hands. Shake hands with someone? Wash your hands. Pushing elevator buttons or holding on to a handrail? Wash your hands.

2) Don't touch your face. You don't want any nastiness getting into your system by biting your fingernails, picking your nose (We all do it!), or rubbing your eyes. 

3) Don't isolate yourself. We all need human connection. Seriously, a good friend was just telling me about a study he read showing how good hugs are for your immune system. Is right now the wisest time to jump into large, random crowds for no good reason? Probably not. But if your dear friend is having a dinner party for her birthday, and everyone is generally healthy, go to that party and give her a hug and tell her how much you love her.

4) Have a drink and relax. But don't overdo it. Enjoying a drink and good conversation with your spouse, or your better half, or your buddies, is awesome. Do that. But drinking to excess is not good for your immune system. So pay attention to your consumption level and make sure you're not drinking to avoid fear or anxiety or whatever. That's not good for you now, or ever.

That's it y'all. Just stay calm, be smart, make good decisions, and we'll get through this together.

Christopher H. Thomas / Managing Partner / Eli Mason

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  • I just took delivery of my first order of Old Fashion mix. I had low expectations but I wanted to give it a shot. You can go to 50 different restaurants and order and Old Fashion and get 50 different bartender recipes, most of them not very good. Eli Mason mix is actually VERY GOOD. The biggest error bartenders make is being way to heavy on the bitters, which in my opinion, destroys the drink. For my taste buds, Eli Mason has nailed it for a mix. As the directions say, you can adjust the mix to one’s taste. Instead of a 1 part mix to 2 parts brown, I use 1/2 part mix to 2 parts brown WITH a fresh orange twist and cherry. PERFECT!!!!!! One bottle goes a long way.

    Mike Pippin

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