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Our Story


Eli Mason is here to help you Reclaim Your Happy Hour and mix the best spirit-forward cocktails with ease and consistency. Our handmade mixers help you highlight (never mask) your spirit's unique personality. We were the first to offer a premium classic Old Fashioned cocktail mixer and soon expanded our line with a fresh and versatile Mint Julep mixer. If you like to build sophisticated drinks from scratch, we also provide four “Bar Basics” including Classic Grenadine, Gomme Syrup, Demerara Syrup, and Rich Simple Syrup. All of our mixers feature only the finest ingredients like pure cane sugar, fresh ingredients, and organic acacia powder.

But we're not just for cocktails! These mixers can also be your secret ingredient in dressings, marinades, desserts, and spectacular non-alcoholic drinks. Whether it’s your bartender in a bottle or favorite cooking companion, Eli Mason has perfected a variety of handmade flavors to fit your Spirit Forward lifestyle.

Handmade in Nashville, TN since 2012.



Some say he was a bootlegger who filled spirituous prescriptions out of his apothecary shop just off the town square. Others say he was a schoolteacher who spent the harvest season running moonshine through the hollers of East Tennessee. Still others claim he was a circuit-riding evangelist who earned his daily bread by peddling liquid cures for whatever ails you.

Nowadays, Eli Mason helps you Reclaim Your Happy Hour™ with robust, classically inspired mixers, spirit-forward and made by hand in Nashville, Tennessee. With your help, we can introduce the classics to a wider audience to help keep these traditional drinks alive.

All of our mixers are non-alcoholic. Just add your favorite spirit and stir to create a libation worthy of your good taste.


Great cocktails - super fast!

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