Old Fashioned Mixer Recipes

Old Fashioned

We like to say our Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer is like a bartender in a bottle. 

It's like we found some magical formula to fit a muddler, cocktail shaker, bitters, cherries, orange and sugar cubes into one vessel. Well, in a way we did. 

Even better, we added one other little secret: organic gum arabic. It's the key ingredient to our sought-after Gomme Syrup and adds an extra level of luxury to your Old Fashioned, imparting viscosity and a velvet-smooth mouth feel to your cocktail.

So save the time, effort and expense and simply mix with the bourbon or whiskey of your choice for a consistent, delicious Old Fashioned every time. 


2 oz. Bourbon or Whiskey

1 oz. Eli Mason Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer


Combine ingredients and pour over ice. See, wasn't that easy?


Old Fashioned with Eli Mason from Eli Mason on Vimeo.