Old Fashioned Mixer Recipes

Whiskey Sevilla

Whiskey Sevilla

Named for the oranges used in making marmalade, the Whiskey Sevilla is a refreshing take on the Old Fashioned. With fresh orange juice, marmalade, orange bitters and a vital pinch of sea salt, this cocktail is a flavorful ode to the citrus sinensis with a twist.

It's also a great opportunity to practice your dirty dump cocktail technique. Simply shake all ingredients with ice and dump the entire contents of the shaker into the glass. No straining required! Then educate your guests on this term and technique.


2.0 oz. Bourbon

.75 oz. Eli Mason Old Fashioned Mixer

0.5 oz. Orange Marmalade

0.5 oz. Fresh Orange Juice

2 dashes Orange Bitters

Pinch of Sea Salt

Shake with ice and dump it all into a rocks glass. Garnish with orange twist.