Peach Simple Syrup Recipes


Margarita Melocoton

Nearly every language has a word for Peach because this fruit sure gets around. Did you know it was discovered in China over 1000 years ago and was first introduced to Europe by Alexander the Great? It then hit South American long before it traveled North to the colonies.

In Spanish it's called melocotón and you can find peaches in horchata, quesadillas, and even empanadas. Point is ... a peach margarita isn't as crazy as it sounds. 

Shake up one of these to serve with your homemade peach salsa.


2 oz. Tequila Blanco

.75 oz. Eli Mason Peach Simple Syrup

.5 oz. Peach Liqueur

.5 oz. Lime Juice

Pinch of Kosher Salt

Combine all ingredients and shake over ice. Strain over fresh ice and garnish with lime and/or peach.