Peach Simple Syrup Recipes

Peach Simple Syrup Recipes

  • Crawford County Soda

    Crawford County Soda

    Vodka Soda is like the exhibition game of cocktails. The Harlem Globetrotters don't play the Washington Generals for the challenge. They do it to show off some sweet tricks.

    This cocktail recipe is all about showing off what our Peach Gomme can do. Peach Gomme is spinning the ball on its finger and then ... whoop! ... where'd it go? Between the legs. Sorry, vodka! Peach is the star today.

    Our peaches come from Crawford Co. in Georgia, which is home to some of the finest peach farms in the nation. We're proud to participate in this great southern legacy.


    1.5 oz. Vodka

    .75 oz. Eli Mason Peach Simple Syrup

    3 oz. Club Soda

    Build in the glass and top with club soda. Garnish with a lemon twist.

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  • Freestone Mojito

    Freestone Mojito

    Freestone peaches arrive later in the season when it's hot ... when you could really use a tall mojito to cool off. 

    Making a proper mojito is not difficult, but it does require a little technique. Most important is not to over-muddle the mint. It should be slightly bruised, not shredded. And always, always use fresh-squeezed lime juice. There is no substitute.

    This recipe makes use of the convenient and hilariously-named dirty dump, which means simply dumping the entire contents of your shaker into the glass. No straining required, which is why it's even more important not to over-muddle the mint.


    1.5 oz. White Rum

    1 oz. Eli Mason Peach Simple Syrup

    1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

    6 Fresh Mint Leaves

    Club Soda (optional)

    Gently muddle the mint before adding the other ingredients and shaking with ice. Dirty Dump the entire contents of shaker into a Collins glass and garnish with fresh mint. Top up with club soda (optional) and serve with a straw.

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  • Lisabetta E Lorenzo

    Lisabetta E Lorenzo

    Basil is an herb with supernatural significance in some cultures. And this drink is supernaturally tasty, with the Italian Amaro Meletti providing the gentle complexity and basil the top note of spice. 


    2 oz. Rye Whiskey

    1 oz. Eli Mason Peach Simple Syrup

    .5 oz. Amaro Meletti

    .5 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

    1 sprig Fresh Sweet Basil

    Instead of muddling the basil, shake it along with everything else over ice. Then double strain into your most elegant glass and float a single basil leaf on the surface. 

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  • Little Bird

    Little Bird

    Pimento Dram is a lovely ingredient. Made from the allspice berry, it's warm and strong and works with both sweet and savory flavor profiles. Christopher Columbus first encountered Allspice on the island of Jamaica, though it was used for centuries before by the locals.

    This bright beauty is named for Bob Marley's Three Little Birds, and evokes the warm Caribbean sun in both taste and appearance.


    1 oz. White Rum

    1 oz. Gold Rum

    .75 oz. Eli Mason Peach Gomme Syrup

    .75 oz. Fresh Orange Juice

    1 barspoon Pimento Dram (Allspice liqueur)

    Shake all ingredients over ice and strain into a long-stemmed glass. Garnish with orange peel.

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    Margarita Melocoton

    Nearly every language has a word for Peach because this fruit sure gets around. Did you know it was discovered in China over 1000 years ago and was first introduced to Europe by Alexander the Great? It then hit South American long before it traveled North to the colonies.

    In Spanish it's called melocotón and you can find peaches in horchata, quesadillas, and even empanadas. Point is ... a peach margarita isn't as crazy as it sounds. 

    Shake up one of these to serve with your homemade peach salsa.


    2 oz. Tequila Blanco

    .75 oz. Eli Mason Peach Simple Syrup

    .5 oz. Peach Liqueur

    .5 oz. Lime Juice

    Pinch of Kosher Salt

    Combine all ingredients and shake over ice. Strain over fresh ice and garnish with lime and/or peach.

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  • Martini Melba

    Martini Melba

    Peach Melba ... the dessert of divas. This peach-and-raspberry delight was invented in London in the early 1890s to honor soprano Nellie Melba. And now you can honor your guests with this colorful treat.

    Unlike many sopranos, peach plays well with other flavors, especially berries. This is a sweeter drink and makes use of the Double Strain to ensure a smooth texture without too many floating bits of fruit.

    A perfect dessert cocktail.


    2 oz. Vodka

    1.25 oz. Eli Mason Peach Simple Syrup

    .75 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

    4 Fresh Raspberries

    Muddle raspberries before adding the other ingredients and shaking with ice. Double strain into a martini glass and garnish with fresh raspberries.

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  • Peach Gimlet

    Peach Gimlet

    The Gimlet is to gin what the Old Fashioned is to whiskey - an old standby that can either be a finely-balanced melding of flavors ... or a fruity, syrupy mess. 

    Essential to the balance is a high-quality fruit syrup or cordial, which is where our Peach Gomme shines. 

    This recipe calls for New American Gin, which is making a name for itself in the cocktail scene. Like its ancestor London Dry, New American Gin is characterized by juniper. But it also incorporates citrus and other local botanicals, flowers, and herbs. We've even heard of a southern gin that includes notes of pecan. 

    For gin drinkers, it's a brave new world.


    1.5 oz. New American-style Gin

    .75 oz. Eli Mason Peach Gomme Syrup

    .75 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

    Shake ingredients over ice and strain into a chilled glass with a stem. Garnish with lime and/or peach slice.

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  • Simon Dedalus

    Simon Dedalus

    Simon Dedalus is the father of Stephen, the protagonist in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. As a father, Simon is aloof, but he always emphasizes to Stephen the importance of choosing your friends wisely.

    As he sends young Stephen off to school, he advises him to "never peach on a fellow," which is a charming Irish way of saying, "Don't be a tattletale."

    Funny, that's the same advice we give to anyone attending our parties. But you know this already. That's why you were invited. Sláinte mhaith!


    2 oz. Irish Whiskey

    1 oz. Eli Mason Peach Simple Syrup

    Fresh Black Pepper

    Build in a rocks glass over a large chunk of ice and top with one twist of black pepper from a pepper mill. Garnish with a slice of peach.

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  • The Proprietor

    Here in Tennessee, the history of whiskey is forever tied with that of the peach. Before Prohibition, Jack Daniel's nephew, Lem Motlow (who would go on to inherit the distillery from his uncle and is still listed on the bottle as Proprietor) distilled his Peach and Apple Brandies on the property in Lynchburg.

    Peach Brandy was a popular pre-Prohibition tipple, but Lem learned quickly that he could get much more whiskey out of a bushel of corn than a bushel of fruit, and soon he shuttered his side project to focus exclusively on Tennessee Whiskey. Though he would return to brandy after the repeal of Prohibition, brandy's momentum in the marketplace never matched that of Old No. 7, which is now the world's best-selling whiskey.

    Licor 43 is a sweet vanilla, caramel, and citrus-infused liqueur that adds depth to cocktails without overpowering the base spirit. And the dash of Black Walnut Bitters brings it all together.


    1.5 oz. Bourbon

    .75 oz. Eli Mason Peach Simple Syrup

    .5 oz. Licor 43

    1 dash Black Walnut Bitters

    Build in a large rocks glass over ice and stir to chill. Garnish with a slice of fresh peach.

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  • Tri-State Tonic

    Tri-State Tonic

    This recipe comes to us from Sammy at Red Dog Wine & Spirits in Franklin, TN, where it was debuted to great acclaim last weekend. 

    It's a bright, fizzy concoction of rich botanicals with a gently bitter bite and a long peach finish, perfect for these last long (and hot) days of summer. 

    The name pays homage to the three great states that contributed to this drink: Peaches from Georgia in a distinctly Tennessee mixer blended with a refreshing California gin. The Brits may have pioneered the Gin and Tonic, but this pale beauty proves that us Yanks still have something to say on the topic of sophisticated tippling.


    2 oz. Uncle Val's Botanical Gin

    1 oz. Eli Mason Peach Simple Syrup 

    Tonic Water or Club Soda

    Shake the Gin and Peach Gomme with ice and double-strain into a glass over fresh ice. Top with a few ounces of tonic water (or Club Soda for a drier, less bitter drink) and garnish with fresh raspberries.

    This recipe is easily doubled, tripled, etc., for party service.

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