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Rudolph's Red Nose Punch

Rudolph's Red Nose Punch

This Christmas, start your own holiday tradition with Rudolph's Red Nose Punch. With a seasonal backbone of apple cider and cranberry juice backed by the bubbly kick of prosecco, this cocktail really cuts through the holiday fog.

And like its namesake, this drink can save your holiday party with a sparkle that will warm even the frosty heart of your most abominable houseguest.


1 bottle Prosecco (750ml)

1 cup Apple Cider

1 cup Cranberry Juice*

.5 cup Eli Mason Spiced Simple Syrup

Combine the last three ingredients in a pitcher or punchbowl and stir to combine. Top with cold Prosecco just before service. Garnish with orange twist.

Optional: Add a splash of Spiced Rum to each glass.

*Use the good stuff if you can ... 100% cranberry juice. It's usually found in the organic section. 

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