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Spiced Simple Syrup Recipes


Fall Fizz

The Fall Fizz is a beautiful marriage of our Spiced Simple Syrup and Mountain Valley Sparkling Water. With a seasonal backbone of our Spiced Simple Syrup, basically "fall in a bottle" and the bubbly kick of Mountain Valley Sparkling, this non-alcoholic holiday drink makes a great refreshment to serve at your event, something kids and young at heart enjoy!



1 bottle Mountian Valley Sparkling (750ml)

1 bottle of Eli Mason Spiced Simple Syrup

1/2 cup fresh Cranberries to garnish.

Combine these three ingredients in a pitcher or punchbowl and stir to combine, serve over ice.

Single servings use 3 parts Mountain Valley Sparkling to 1 part Eli Mason Spiced Simple Syrup.


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Spiced Old Fashioned

Eli Mason's Spiced Old Fashioned is what you get when you combine one of the most iconic drinks of all time with the sweet aroma of Fall!

We like to say our Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer is like a bartender in a bottle and the Spiced Old Fashioned is a bartender in a bottle wearing a flannel. 

It's like we found some magical formula to fit a muddler, cocktail shaker, bitters, cherries, orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and sugar cubes into one vessel. Well, in a way we did. 

Even better, we added one other little secret: organic gum arabic. It's the key ingredient to our sought-after Gomme Syrup and adds an extra level of luxury to your Spiced Old Fashioned, imparting viscosity and a velvet-smooth mouth feel to your cocktail.


2 oz. Bourbon or Whiskey

.5 oz. Eli Mason Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer

 .5 oz. Eli Mason Spiced Simple Syrup

Combine ingredients and pour over ice. See, wasn't that easy?

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Bourbon Spiced Cider

Bourbon Spiced Cider

This is the one cocktail that everyone at your holiday party will be sure to love. The Bourbon Spiced Cider is a versatile drink that can be made both as an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage.

Whether you're making a large batch for holiday happenings or a single glass for yourself, the Bourbon Spiced Cider is a flavorful winter warmer that is easy and affordable to make.


6oz. Apple Cider (hot)

1oz. Bourbon

1oz. Eli Mason Spiced Simple Syrup

Combine everything in a heat-safe glass or mug and give it a good stir. Garnish with cinnamon stick.

For a non-alcoholic version, mix 1oz. Spiced Simple Syrup for every 4oz. hot Cider.

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Mezcal Otono

If Tequila is the whiskey of Mexico, then Mezcal is its Scotch: Rich, heavy, complex. And like Scotch, Mezcal is the perfect sipper for the Fall and Winter months. It's a smoky, salty ode to agave, and the Mescal Otoño is a delicious way to squeeze a fancy sour into your holiday cocktail repertoire.

Cinnamon is deeply ingrained in Mexican culinary tradition, and Eli Mason's Spiced Simple brings this vibrant, warming flavor to the forefront.


2 oz. Mezcal

1 oz. Eli Mason Spiced Simple Syrup

.75oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with cinnamon stick.

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Rudolph's Red Nose Punch

Rudolph's Red Nose Punch

This Christmas, start your own holiday tradition with Rudolph's Red Nose Punch. With a seasonal backbone of apple cider and cranberry juice backed by the bubbly kick of prosecco, this cocktail really cuts through the holiday fog.

And like its namesake, this drink can save your holiday party with a sparkle that will warm even the frosty heart of your most abominable houseguest.


1 bottle Prosecco (750ml)

1 cup Apple Cider

1 cup Cranberry Juice*

.5 cup Eli Mason Spiced Simple Syrup

Combine the last three ingredients in a pitcher or punchbowl and stir to combine. Top with cold Prosecco just before service. Garnish with orange twist.

Optional: Add a splash of Spiced Rum to each glass.

*Use the good stuff if you can ... 100% cranberry juice. It's usually found in the organic section. 

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